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Winter Sparkles

With the winter weather swiftly dawning on us, the mornings are colder and the city feels damp and gloomy. The best way to brighten your winter’s day is with a colourful piece from the team at Palloys.  Exclusive to Regentco, a new line of pave Jellybean Spacers are featured in the May/June issue of Jewellery World Magazine. They are perfect for our winter wardrobe to brighten up the day. These sparklers are crafted from sterling silver and ideal for customised jewellery designs, contemporary styles and beaded jewellery. Regentco’s beads are the ultimate birthday gift or the perfect way to spoil yourself for the colder months ahead.

Coloured gemstones have been around since the prehistoric times (much longer than humans have), so it’s easy to say they are a familiar member of the jewellery family. Most colours hold a special significance for birthdays and symbolise an an

niversary or zodiac sign, so they stand as the perfect gift idea that will instantly complement anyone’s winter outfit.

With the introduction of Argentium Silver exclusive to Palloys Group, the perfect winter gift awaits when you string Argentium beads with Regentco’s new line of pave Jellybean spacers. These are available in a range of semi-precious coloured gemstones set in sterling silver with different finishes including, gold, rose, rhodium and black rhodium. With a variety of gemstones to choose from, there is a Jellybean to match everything this winter! Palloys Group has recently been selected the only Australian casting house for Argentium Silver. Read all about it in the latest issue of Jeweller’s Trade Magazine to find out more.