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Trends in white metal jewellery in 2017

Market Demand in 2017

We’ve had strong demand this year with white metals. It is our highest selling colour above yellow and rose. However, within the white metal sales Platinum has increased its percentage. Although Platinum has been traditionally been more expensive than gold, in the current economic market platinum is trading lower than fine gold. ABC Bullion is currently trading platinum at $1,197.30 per ounce whereas gold is $ 1,636.67 per ounce this price drop has definitely contributed to the rise in platinum sales.

We have seen a slight growth in rose gold, however it is still our least popular colour behind white and yellow.

Confusion in the market between different metals

There is some confusion in the market regarding the differences between the white metals when comparing white gold, platinum and palladium. We have found that customers don’t understand the difference between platinum and white gold.

The white metals are very different and can be used in different circumstances. For example; platinum has unique selling points, it is chemically inert and hence hypoallergenic, it has great wear-ability and durability properties resulting in ‘minimal loss of mass’. This means over time if scratched or polished the piece of jewellery does not lose mass, compared to gold where the metal can wear away.

Platinum has a prestigious heavy feel and does not need re-polishing or rhodium plating. Platinum’s colour and lustre complements diamonds’ brilliance wonderfully but platinum is also considered the most secure metal choice for holding gemstones.

There is also confusion between the properties of an 18ct and 9ct white gold. We have also found customers tend to think that 9ct gold is harder than 18ct gold, however the exact opposite is true.

Technological advancements and innovation from Pallion

At Pallion we are currently developing new platinum alloys due to increased popularity and demand. We have done extensive research and introduced a new alloy Platinum Ruthenium driven by our clients.

Platinum has traditionally been difficult to cast but advances in technology, and specifically investment material. We are producing a superior product and are able to cast products that were not previously possible.

We have also introduced a new state-of-the-art closed investment mixing system. This system provides a more efficient and consistent result. The machine reduces wastage when preparing investment and produces a finer investment that effectively reduces porosity and non-fill. An added benefit of this closed system is the health and safety enhancements for our production staff.

My Dream Ring Platinum

My Dream Ring comes in a variety of alloys

What we offer

Pallion offers a range of white metal alloys, both in fabricated form and casting. The volume we produce daily is a testament to the commitment of our metallurgical teams who work with some of the leading names in the international market to manufacture the best products available.

AGS|PJW is part of the Pallion Group of companies. Our white metal range includes four 9ct white gold alloys, one 10ct white gold, one 14ct white gold, nine 18ct white gold alloys and four platinum alloys. We have the most extensive range of products for handmade jewellers we also have a complementary range of solders to suit each alloy. These alloys are available in the full spectrum of standard and custom sizes and forms including sheet, wire and chenier.

Palloys casts in a large range of alloys our white gold range includes one 9ct, one 10ct, one 14ct and four 18ct white gold alloys. We also stock three platinum alloys. These have been developed specifically for use in goldsmithing and jewellery manufacture, with an emphasis on workability and depth of colour. All alloys enable easy resizing and stone setting.