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Technical Guides & Resources

Palloys metallurgists have developed a library of technical guides to support Australian jewelers and artisans. A small selection of those publications is listed below. Please contact our customer service associates for more detailed product information sheets and operating instructions.

Casting Alloy Colour Chart

Shows the colour of our range of Casting Alloys

Pro-Resin & Pro-Wax

The benefits of printing in either pro-resin or pro-wax.

Stone Conversion

Conversion rates from carat size to mm for diamonds of different cuts and shapes

Specific Gravities

A chart showing the specific gravities of different metals and alloys

Ring Sizes

A chart showing the ring sizes and millimeter size conversions.

Gemstone Colours

Gemstones and which colour ranges they fall into


Palloys is committed to the future of the jewellery industry through training.

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