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Jewellery Casting

A Palloys cast is denser than its others, less prone to porosity and evidences a smooth surface that minimises the amount of finishing required. Palloys casts in a large range of casting alloys. Our alloys have been developed specifically for use in goldsmithing and jewellery manufacture with an emphasis on workability and depth of colour. All alloys enable easy resizing and stone setting.

  • Timing: Where Palloys holds a client mould or receives a Customer Own Wax 3D model, the cast will generally be dispatched the next working day (provided that they have been received before 1.00pm daily). Where Palloys is required to print a 3D model or produce a Rubber Mould, the cast will generally be ready for dispatch within 3-5 working days.
  • Pricing: The price of a Palloys cast is comprised of 2 fees, the Cast Fee and the Metal Fee. Cast Fees are a function of volume – please contact our team to discuss volume based Cast Fees. The Metal Fee charged is determined on the gross metal weight of the cast piece at the time of invoice. Generally, clients will be allocated a daily gram rate whereby metal is charged at the date of invoice based on prevailing prices incorporating an alloying fee. For high volume users of precious metal, Palloys also operates Metal Deposit Accounts. Please contact our team to discuss opening a Palloys Metal Deposit Account.
  • Finish: All Palloys casts are subject to strict quality assurance testing before delivery. To ensure consistency of finish, all Palloys casts are bead-blasted which also reduces workshop cleanup time and minimises excess gross metal weight charges. Any minor surface imperfections are rectified by our technicians using state of the art Laser technology.
  • Sprues: A Palloys cast is generally supplied with a Sprue generally not exceeding 3mm in length, except where the structural or design integrity of a piece would otherwise be at risk.
  • Resizing & Wax Surface Finishing: Palloys offers a resizing in wax service. For an additional fee, our skilled technicians can seamlessly resize a wax or resin model before casting occurs. They are also able to smooth out a model’s surface and remove carat and maker’s stamps, just contact our team to discuss your requirements.

In addition to jewellery castings, Palloys is an approved service provider for the Australian Antique & Art Dealers Association (AAADA). Palloys casts brass and bronze reproductions of intricate pieces commonly needed for antique furniture restoration, including escutcheons, finials, drawer pulls, keyholes.