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3D Printing / CAM

With its fleet of 3D printers located in Australia, Hong Kong (SAR) and mainland China, Palloys prints in wax, resin and ceramic material (used for direct moulding). Palloys is the only Australian casting house to employ Envisiontec prototyping technology which boasts the highest resolution printing currently available in CAM.

Our casting procedures ensure superior, highly dense and porosity free casts – even when we cast directly from a resin prototype. On this website, clients can upload for 3D printing their CAD files, select from their own CAD library or the Palloys My Dream Ring catalogue. If desired, a 3D print can be inspected before being sent to cast. Clients can also track the process of their job after login on this website. Palloys accepts files in STL, Matrix, Rhino, 3Design and also JewelCAD formats.