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ABC Refinery introduces green technology to Australia

ABC Refinery is introducing innovative new technology to Australia. One of the biggest changes on a global scale is the move to green technology.  To that end, Pallion subsidiary ABC Refinery has just invested in a brand new type of green refining technology, Acidless Separation® (ALS).  ABC Refinery is the first refinery in the world to employ this technology with exclusivity to provide it in Oceania.

ALS is a new refining process that separates metal without acid. This new technology is internationally patented for the treatment of precious metals. There are no chemicals required in the ALS separation process, there are no toxic fumes or vapors that could cause harmful effects in the workplace. There are also no environmental leakage issues. Removing cyanide is not the only benefit of the acidless technology. Since the vacuum distillation machine can process dozens of kilograms gold or silver in an hour or less per cycle, the fast processing saves operating costs which saves our clients money.

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