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Golden Moment for Ethical Jewellery

In recent times, there has been a global move to more socially and environmentally sourced gem stones and metals. Creating jewellery with fair-trade and mercury-free gold from certified mines is more popular than ever.

Chopard, for example, recently collaborated with Rihanna to produce a line of products made from ethical 18-karat rose gold. And Vogue magazine ran a feature piece on mercury-free gold. These examples are more than lip service.

Rhianna for Chopard

Rhianna for Chopard

Gold mining is the leading source of mercury pollution in the world and changing the manner in which it is sourced could have a profound environmental impact. This knowledge also impacts how we shop; the America Gem Trade Association released a consumer research survey revealing that nearly two-thirds of respondents care more now about environmental and social responsibility than they did five years ago. An incredible 75% of respondents said they would pay more for ethically sourced jewellery.

ABC Refinery is a subsidiary of Pallion, and one of only 71 refineries in the world awarded LBMA accreditation as a good delivery gold refiner. A big part of LBMA accreditation involves an independent audit of LBMA accredited refiners’ sourcing procedures. It is for this reason that Pallion can guarantee that all our precious metals are sourced ethically and adhere to world class supply chain standards. All gold from ABC Refinery is sourced from Australian certified mines and consequently all jewellery we produce is made from Australian gold.

Over the past year, ABC Refinery has invested heavily in innovative environmentally friendly gold refining technology used by Pallion for jewellery manufacturing. Acidless Separation®, or ALS, is one example that stemmed from the need for a ‘green’ process for precious metal refiners. ALS has been developed to create a less harmful way to separate metal without chemicals or toxic fumes. Removing chemicals is not the only benefit of ALS technology; it is also incredibly efficient. The vacuum distillation machine can process dozens of kilograms gold or silver in an hour or less per cycle. ABC Refinery is the first refinery in the world to employ this internationally patented technology with exclusivity to provide it in Oceania. It’s further evidence of Pallion’s commitment to ensuring our technological investments are green.

Millennials place a high value on ethical jewellery, and it gives jewellers a story to tell.  Although customer may pay a little more, the extra money is doing good and that can provide a great, powerful story that helps bring customers over the line and close a sale.