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Gold Partner, Pallion support the Global Skills Challenge

The 2017 Global Skills Challenge is a simulated international competition, an important part of the Australian Skills Squad training in the lead up to the international competition and is used as a final selection process to determine the Team Australia Skillaroos.

Global Experts Judging Jewellery Competitors

The Skills Squad is a team made up of 21 competitors and 20 experts/judges.

To increase competition and bench mark skills – other member countries are also invited to participate – WorldSkills Australia will have 200 competitors and experts from the following countries: Taiwan, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Japan, Hong Kong, Korea, Morocco, New Zealand, Russia, Taiwan and the UK.

The event was a four-day run-through of the proposed International Competition by the Skills Squad to competition conditions, including assessment using the International marking scale typically held 3 months prior to the International Competition when test projects are released.

The Global Skills Challenge allows the Skills Squad to come together for further team building sessions and training for the judges/experts and is used to formally announce the 2017 Team Australia Skillaroos for Abu Dhabi in October.

This year saw the biggest number of countries for the jewellery competition, ever. Korea, China, Russia, France and Japan came to Newcastle to compete. Each competitor was required to make the exact same piece using same quantity of metals within the 22-hour time limit spread across four days.

After the results were carefully scrutinised by the experts and judges the results were in:

Finished Jewellery Competition Piece

Finished Jewellery Competition Piece

1st Russia

2nd Korea

3rd China

4th France

5th Japan

Pallion is the Gold Partner of WorldSkills Australia and a huge supporter of up-and-coming-talent. Pallion supplied jewellers benches, precious metals and sent our very own Chief Expert, Darren May, to Newcastle for the week to judge the finished jewellery pieces. A great time was had by all, we’re looking forward to the International Competition in Abu Dhabi!