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WorldSkills 2015 – Silver in São Paulo!

I’m a big fan of WorldSkills.

WorldSkills is a not for profit membership association that provides a unique means of exchange and comparison of world-class competency standards in the trades and service sectors of the global economy.  WorldSkills International operates worldwide and is politically and denominationally neutral.

WorldSkills Australia (WSA) aims to encourage Australians to celebrate vocational education and training, to shift perceptions and create the understanding that to learn a skill, to choose a skill-based career, is one of the most important decisions a young person and their family will ever make.  It holds competitions on a two year cycle.  Regional Competitions flow into National Competitions and National Competition winners can become members of the international Skillaroos team.

WSA’s program of competitions, aligned to National Training Packages, work to ensure that today’s young people have the skills and abilities to compete within a rapidly changing global marketplace.  Participating in the programme involves supreme dedication in undertaking months of intensive training to prepare for competitions.  WSA is more than just Australia’s biggest and most prestigious skills competition, the competitions unearth “Skill Ambassadors” – the perfect role models for all young Australians who are contemplating their futures, and examples for all Australians of what can be achieved in a trade or skills-based career.

This year was the 43rd WorldSkills Competition.  It was held in São Paulo.  Our industry was represented by Jyothi Forman after winning the Gold Medal at the Australian National WorldSkills competition.  Jyothi trained at Melbourne Polytechnic, Fairfield Campus in a Certificate III in Jewellery Manufacture and works with Georgie’s Fine Jewellery.

I was especially interested in Jyothi’s performance at the competition in São Paulo because Pallion was one of her primary sponsors.  I personally witnessed the hard work, dedication and sheer skill that Jyothi displayed during her at the Pallion facilities in Sydney under the supervision of Darren May (Darren is an international WorldSkills judge and also our new Palloys Finished Jewellery Manager).  Witnessing Jyothi make amazing jewellery under the watchful eye of Darren and other members of our finished jewellery team was something that I am personally very proud to have been a part of.  And Jyothi’s determination and eye for detail was rewarded with a silver medal in the jewellery category in São Paulo.  An incredible result and very well deserved.

It’s not often that people get the opportunity to show off their skills at an international level and it’s even rarer when they do so with such incredible results.  A shout out should also go to her employer Georgie’s Fine Jewellery for the support that they have shown Jyothi – it’s this type of support that we need to get more people involved in so that we can ensure the longevity of our industry.

Written by
Andrew Cochineas
Chief Executive Officer