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A week in Las Vegas – at the 2015 JCK Jewellery Show

Our Hong Kong team has just returned from a week at the Las Vegas 2015 JCK Jewellery Show – North America’s leading jewellery show.

Now in its 24th year, the show took place in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino.  About 2,500 exhibitors were packed into the venue which is widely regarded as the USA jeweller’s premier buying event.

As usual, Goldenage International, our Hong Kong and mainland Chinese based subsidiary exhibited in the US at the fair this year.  It is an excellent insight into the American and Canadian jewellery market and style trends.

Of course, the volume of jewellery that the American and Canadian economies consume is incredible.  They have a serious appetite for consumer goods in general, but their hunger for jewellery is something that is inescapable when you walk around the fair.  Interesting too was the turn-around in attitudes towards the jewellery market in general amongst the exhibitors.  The mood was quite upbeat and I the general feedback that we got was sales were growing, particularly for mid-priced goods.  Quality was a big catch cry as well – the feeling seemed to be that consumers are drifting away from quick fixes to a buying appetite but reverting to “buying better”.

So what should every Australian jeweller be aware of as the major trends of the Las Vegas 2013 Jewellery Show?  Here are the top 6 from Pallion:

1. Yellow Gold!  An across the board increase in demand for yellow gold jewellery.  Discussions with retailers and manufacturers indicated that the slump in the silver price has made silver jewellery less “precious” in the eyes of consumers.  Coupled with the fall in the gold price (in US dollar terms, at least), a real shift towards gold jewellery, particularly earrings and rings has to be the standout trend of the fair.

2. Customisation is big.  People want what other people don’t have.

3. Cuffs are in.  Sometimes worn in pairs (one on each wrist) or just by themselves, a well made cuff doesn’t have to weigh a tonne but gives the impression of weight and cost.

4. Pile it up and pile it high.  There is a massive move towards stacking of jewellery pieces together to make a statement and a wholly unique look.  In this regard, aim to stock solid gold jewellery pieces of lower weights.  The emphasis should be on stocking variety.

5. Semi precious.  Clients love bling.  But make them take a step up from fashion jewellery – sell them on the benefits of semi precious stone.  Unlike plastic fashion jewellery, they give lasting value.

6. Big earrings.  Like their cuff relatives, big earrings are all the rage.  Also like cuffs, they don’t need to weigh a tonne to give great show.

Written by
Andrew Cochineas
Chief Executive Officer