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2015 3DESIGN Asia & Oceania Jewellery Design Contest

Billed as the largest CAD design competitions in Asia, the 3DESIGN2015 Asia & Oceania Jewellery Design Contest is underway.  As you might be aware, 3DESIGN is 3D CAD software utilised in the design and manufacturing of Jewellery, Watches and Fashion Accessories.  Their Australian distributors are Laser & Sign Technology based in NSW.

The competition is sponsored internationally by some of the biggest names in the jewellery industry including the world’s biggest jeweller Chow Tai Fook and some of the region’s leading educational and training institutions and membership organisations.  This year, Pallion is proud to also be a lead sponsor and judge.

Each year, the competition requires that entrants design a wearable piece of jewellery or accessory in precious metal and incorporating precious stones according to a specified theme.  This year, the theme for the contest is “Everyone has different interpretation to his/her home.  Home may be not big, may be not as pretty as we wish, but it’s always the warm place in the mind.  Boost your imagination, to create your ideal home on the jewel”.

The contest receives entrants from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Australia.  So far there are over 500 registered contestants and Australia has the second largest number of contestants after China!  It’s open to all jewellery designers above the age of 18.  It’s a fantastic demonstration not only of the power of CAD but also how technology needs to partner with the skill and technique of the traditional jeweller.  Indeed, the “manufacturability” of the piece is one of the criteria for judging.  For more information on the competition, see and you can follow the Pallion Facebook page for regular updates.

I see this competition as a further example of the partnering of technology and the skills of the jeweller.  It’s also further evidence of something that I have written about before – the resurgence in what people traditionally associate with the word “jewellery”.  They want precious and they want “uniqueness”.  CAD is another tool in the jeweller’s arsenal to cater to the demand for uniqueness.

Australian retail and manufacturing jewellers are in a great position to take advantage of this shift.  From a simplistic viewpoint, local jewellers benefit from their ability to produce to order – they can keep their stock levels to a minimum and produce what their clients want when they need it.  Local manufacturers are therefore more quickly able to follow trends in jewellery (compared to overseas manufacturers).

And, the combination of handmade jewellery skill and improvements in CAD/CAM technology give the jeweller huge advantage over their competition in other areas of wholesale and retail.  These factors give jewellers true power.  They are not reliant on huge manufacturing corporations that dole out “one size fits all” product.  Jewellers have the ability to create unique products for themselves and their clients – even in units as small as “one”.

The emphasis here is on manufacture – not just pure retailing.  Jewellers are in the unique position of being able to give their clients the feeling of being part of the process of the construction of bespoke items that they want to wear.  And remember the basic premise of – scarcity (and therefore uniqueness) means value.

Written by
Andrew Cochineas
Chief Executive Officer