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Behind the Scenes


Part of the Pallion Group, we are the number one casting operation in Australasia. All our offices reflect the company’s overarching philosophy, which is nothing less than ‘to create the happiest, most productive workplace’.

These are big claims, we know, so let us take you behind the scenes of our casting facilities located downstairs at Pallion HQ right here in Sydney. 


Ahead of the Game

Casting starts first thing in the morning as the flasks are burnt out overnight in the computer controlled burn out furnaces. For our casting team, work begins before they’ve even left for the office. Ross, Palloys’ Casting Manager who heads up the team in Marrickville, is able to control each furnace from home to ensure that the correct temperature and conditions are reached for each alloy and flask size.

The metal has been allocated to each flask the night before by Gemma, and her team in the metals room, where the amount required for each is calculated automatically by our custom computer system.

As we cast every metal every day, it is important to have enough furnaces running at different rates and temperatures to enable the various different conditions needed for all the alloys.

All the alloys are manufactured separately from new metal and then tested to make sure that the assay is correct before being used for casting. This produces the best quality product and ensures that all castings are the correct carat.


Forefront of Technology

Palloys was founded in 1951 when Felix Parry started the business, so much has changed in this time; from the old days of centrifugal casting machines and the old black moulds to advanced automated casting machines with vacuum and pressure and 3 D printing technology.

At Palloys we have various different casting machines to utilise depending upon the different alloy requirements. We have recently invested in a brand new machine that allows for casting to be completed by mid morning meaning the rest of the process can continue and the casting for the following day can begin to be processed.

No time is wasted here at the Palloys facility!

Our casting technology has greatly improved over the years and that is largely down to the enormous amount of research around all aspects of the process, one area that we have spent time developing is using the right type of investment for different alloys. Platinum casting is a good example where casting at high temperature means that special investment needs to be used to ensure a better quality product.

Ross and the team, including Steve Lowden, who is one of several Metallurgists who form part of the Pallion team, work hard to ensure the correct processes and equipment are employed to get the best results possible in all cast products. The most recent edition to the casting facility is a new investing machine which reduces the possibility of breakaways and inclusions as well as giving a better surface to the finished casting.

We believe it’s important to keep ahead of new technology as small improvements can make a big difference to the quality of the products we produce. There is always room for improvement no matter how good you are so we have a lot of new, exciting developments in the pipeline to ensure we stay the number one casting operation in Australasia.


Collaboration and Community

The casting team here at Palloys have over 100 years experience between them, but what really makes us stand out is being part of the wider Pallion group. Collaboration is just a walk around the corner, with the full spectrum of quality precious metal products and services all under one group it allows for strong team building, knowledge sharing and innovation.

Pallion is always investing in the future. We provide regular workshops run by specialists, such as our metallurgists that open doors and keep all Pallion employees at the forefront of industry developments.