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A Revitalised Darling Harbour Set to Shine

ICC Sydney

ICC Sydney, the new home of the IJF

We are launching 150 new fitted wedders to our existing My Dream Ring range at this month’s International Jewellery Fair. But the fair has bigger news than ours with its new billion-dollar home at the International Convention Centre Sydney, which welcomes our industry’s suppliers for the first time. After several years construction that saw the 2016 fair’s siting at Glebe Island, the world-class, glass-rendered complex, which had its official opening in December 2016, will be demonstrating how Sydney now posseses a venue on par with those that draw international jewellery buyers to Hong Kong.

It’s all happening down by the water with the exciting upgrade of Sydney’s meetings district. Three buying groups and a brand new timepiece area form the main layout of the 2017 event. A good gauge of jewellery trends will be on show too in another first for the fair: The Jewellery Design Awards (of which Pallion is a sponsor). The competition has received 105 entries for the chance to share in the $80,000 prize pool, with over 10 different categories.

Pallion will be backing the JDA Precious Metal category, because we are committed to supporting the future of precious metals manufacturing in our home territory. Whoever claims the Supreme Prize should be ready to pack their bags for next year’s BaselWorld – because for the winner there are two business class tickets as well four nights’ accommodation to attend the famous fair.

Finalists will have their pieces displayed at the International Jewellery Fair venue before winners are announced at the Awards night ceremony and cocktail reception on Saturday the 26th. We all know trade shows always tend to keep exhibitors beholden to the booth business at hand, but if you get a moment to stretch you legs on the fair floor, make sure to check out the pick of Australia and New Zealand’s emerging talent and get inspired.

The art of networking will naturally be a focus of the popular Saturday Happy Hour, a relaxed environment to get to know new clients if ever there was one. No matter how assuredly your sales are tracking, we all need to invest in new connections and take the time for face-to-face communication to explain our expertise, values and businesses. Sometimes networking can be as subtle as helping someone with a recommendation for another colleague. It doesn’t have to be about self-directed immediate benefit; in fact it’s better that it isn’t interpreted as such. The main impression should be an openness to share information and give advice.

Let’s not forget the fair is a chance to get out of our premises and touch base with our peers. See you at stand CO2, when we’re not being blown away by the new harbourside digs of Australia’s newest and premier exhibition destination!